Trade: Forklift sale, purchase, rental, repair and maintenance

Located in the heart of the industrial park of Victoriaville (Centre-du-Québec) since 2004, Lift Expert specializes in forklift sale, forklift purchase, forklift rental and the distribution of forklift parts. We also specialize in forklift repair and do regular and preventive forklift maintenance. Lift Expert is a leader dealer in forklift sale and is a well-established manufacturer, known for the best value prices as well as meeting the highest quality requirements. To help you get to know us a little better, we'd like to introduce you to our guidelines as the leader in forklift sale:


To be a leader in the Québec material-handling field.


To offer an affordable and efficient handling product with a complete aftermarket service in order to respond to the actual demands.


Integrity, strict and precise result expectations, respect, commitment and innovation.


Bring up a notch the efficiency of your operations.

Lift Expert… specialists in forklift sale, products and services

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  • Forklift for sale
  • Forklift for rent
  • Forklift service…we've got it all!

Forklift sale, forklift rent and repair, as well as the preventive and regular maintenance service, all rely on a dynamic team of skilled and well-trained experts. The main advantage of our service is definitely the availability (flexibility). Our fleet of technicians is organized to go right to your door, saving you time and money.

Looking to buy forklift parts? Lift Expert has a huge parts-distribution warehouse, offering the best quality at competitive prices for a combustion or electric forklift. Thousands of various parts are shown and available online, and many more can be purchased by contacting us directly.

Forklift market's stamp of approval for the company's expertise level

Due to its innovative and practical solutions and to its 80,000 square foot premises, as well as its state-of-the-art machinery, Lift Expert contributes positively to the expansion of other Quebec enterprises in the manufacturing and industrial fields by customizing their handling equipment to optimize its use and increase company productivity.

Lift Expert is proud to acknowledge as part of its clientele a few well-known names, such as Centre de gestion de l'équipement roulant (CGER), EQMBO Enterprises, Industries Machinex, Aluminerie de Bécancour, Guitabec, Fruit d'Or and many other large corporations.

Lift Expert actively supports some economic partners, such as the Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and the Ministry of Development, Innovation and Export Trade of Canada. Also, SMH Lift Parts, a strong leader in the handling equipment-parts industry, is one of the company's suppliers.

Since the very beginning, Lift Expert has adhered to all of the Occupational Health and Safety (CSA) standards. This is what has enabled the company to become and remain a major player in the forklift truck sale and repair industry in Quebec. It has always had the ability to fit and meet the many safety requirements requested and to adjust its procedures according to the direction of its field in order to promote continuing evolvement and development.

For many years now, Lift Expert has lived up to the environmental challenges implemented by the RCI Environment (Waste and Recyclable Products Management). Besides meeting recycling government requirements for the disposal of used tires and batteries, the enterprise has taken the necessary initiatives to reduce waste that can only be destined to a dump site by reducing right at the source: reusing and recycling office supplies (printer cartridges, paper, cardboard, cups and plastic) as well as recycling metal waste. Small contribution…but making a difference!

Presently, Lift Expert is recognized for its high-level expertise and its customized consulting service. The company is looking forward to a continuing growth by offering quality products along with a flexible and reliable service, adjusted to suit the needs of its clientele.