Maintenance services for your forklift right to your door step!

available anywhere within the Quebec Central region (Centre-du Québec)

At Lift Expert, our fleet of technician offer a maintenance service that is hard to measure up to. Aside from all the technical support available by our customer service team, the company relies on a fleet of fully trained technicians equipped to respond to all your actual needs this within short deadlines. Our mobile units travel the Quebec Central roads (Centre-du-Québec) everyday aiming to satisfy all your requests in the repair and maintenance of your forklift trucks.

Our certified technicians are offering you a top quality service right to your door step. From their analysis, our specialists can provide you with many possible solutions that respond to your present need and taking into account cost effectiveness!

Contact us! Our team will gladly assist you!

If you want further information on our services, you can visit other sections of our website concerning equipment rental and the new or used forklift trucks available to purchase.

A planned regular maintenance program for your forklift: a "headache free" solution

Can you afford unexpected breakdown repeatedly? Can you afford production down time due to those breakdowns?

Your forklifts and replacement parts used in your plant, warehouse or store must always be in top operating condition.

In order to assure a continuous good functioning of your handling equipment, a 32 check point regular inspection is mandatory. This verification can be done on an operating hour interval, monthly basis, quarterly, bi-yearly or even on a yearly basis! We can also manage your inspection calendar for you!

Keep in mind that in aiming for prevention, you will always stay ahead and on top of unexpected events!

Staff awareness training: small investment, yet cost effective!

If safety compliance within your workforce is important to you, then you will want to aim for training as far as handling equipment. Whether it is to learn the proper operation of your forklift, or simply to raise awareness within your forklift operators of safety guidelines, we can send you a trained professional to form your employees.

A source of professional advice in equipment management: an incentive for your company

Our expertise on multiple options available will allow you to stay in control more than ever before! Our support team members are motivated about equipment performance and also cost effectiveness of your equipment management. Whether it is to purchase, rent or repair your new or used forklift trucks, they will be committed to judiciously advise you so you can make a well oriented decision.